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Camouflage,    the    second    album    that    features only   classical   pieces,   some   with   chant,   others not. This      “classic”      style      is      based      on      the composition   rules   applied   in   the   Romantic   and Early   Modern,   which   might   be   supplemented with   minimalistic   and   partly   also   by   electronic elementes. 16    Pieces:    Piano,    Guitar,    Voice,    everything you’ll expect… Produced in 2013, Germany.
Intro Camouflage Air Diane (O meu, o teu, o nosso) Portugal! Schrecklich, Nicht Wahr? Straßenrand 10 Feet Underground
Träume GLS (Gute Laune Song) Kommunikation Jaxz Waiting Eu Sei O Que Tu Queres Moments A Capella
Image from the cover of the album "Camouflage" by DElias