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Insturativus Concert Centro Cultural Lagos, 2015
“A group of 4 people, united by friendship and music, have given a concert in the Centro Cultural de Lagos, in 2013. After that, members left, others joined... But the bond established before remained strong, waiting for the group to join together once more and play on stage. That day will be today, the 22nd of December 2015, day that they'll bring to you the music that has kept them together. This concert describes the way since the concert in 2013 (1st Act), through the feelings and emotions waiting for the others (2nd Act), the reunion (3rd Act), and the joy playing together once more (4th Act).”                                                                                      Insturativus, 22nd December 2015
Insturativus - Part II (Practice)  (2015) Classic
Insturativus - Part I (Concert)  (2015) Classic